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Education Overview

Peace One Day Education aims to inspire young people to become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world by advancing active learning in the areas of conflict resolution, global citizenship and human rights - using Peace Day 21 September as a focus.

We have several initiatives to help educators across the world teach their students about Peace Day and to involve young people in activities on the day. These include our free online education resources (accessed by thousands of educators in almost every country), the Schools’ Network and a number of other projects.

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Peace starts in the classroom. Education has always been at the heart of Peace One Day.


For more information about Peace One Day's free Education Resources and to access the lesson plans click here:

The Day After Peace

Film has always been a powerful medium to share the message of Peace Day. We have made a 32-minute classroom-ready version of Jeremy’s award winning documentary The Day After Peace to support the use of Peace One Day’s Education Resources.

Available in the six official languages of the United Nations

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The Day After Peace Film
Education Ambassadors

Following the success of Peace Day 2012, we want to expand Peace One Day Education and achieve greater results in 2013. The analysis of Peace Day 2012, conducted with the support of McKinsey & Company, demonstrated how youth are leading the process of institutionalising Peace Day 21 September. We are launching the Peace One Day Education Ambassadors Programme to build on this success.

This programme connects inspirational roles models from a variety of fields including film, music, teaching and the corporate sector with young people around the world. These Ambassadors will use Skype to share their stories of Peace One Day with schools and youth groups. This programme will inspire young people to get involved in the peace process and become the next generation of peacemakers.

To find out more about each Ambassador please click on the images below

Friend Our World

Coming in September 2013 is Friend Our World, an online learning hub for children to unite in friendship games of geography, languages and global citizenship. Be part of the millions of children who will come together in the spirit of "Let’s be friends."

Friend Our World is being created by Skoolbo in collaboration with Peace One Day and Microsoft.


Skype Projects

Skype supports Peace One Day as a part of its mission to change the world by removing cultural, technological and societal barriers to communication. With Skype's help, Peace One Day was able to create the Peace One Day Global Education Resource that has been accessed by over 14,000 educators in 197 countries around the world.

Peace One Day's current Skype project is SkypeTalks which enables Jeremy and Peace One Day's Education Ambassadors to communicate and answer questions from young people around the world about a range of topics including marking Peace Day, building peace in their schools and communities and learning about the importance of non-violence and ceasefire.

To find out more about Skype's support of Peace One Day click here: