Who Will You Make Peace With?

Although only launched on 21 June 2012, the Schools’ Network has grown rapidly.To date there are thousands of schools across the world who have now joined. Help us build an even larger coalition of schools for Peace Day. Your school or organisation will feature on the Peace One Day website and you can opt-in to receive regular email updates.

Feedback from schools all over the world both before and after Peace Day is instrumental in helping Peace One Day measure the impact that schools and young people can make on the day.

Marking Peace Day in your Classroom

Over the years thousands of schools around the world have thought up fun and innovative ways to celebrate Peace Day. From holding a sporting event to writing a peace song, activities can be big, small, loud or quiet – whatever is practical for your school or youth group.

Peace One Day Education is pleased to present the Pocket Book of Peace to give you and your class ideas how you can mark Peace Day where you are. 

Remember nothing is too small - everything makes a difference in spreading the message of Peace Day, 21 September.

Ideas to mark the day: