Press Conference

On 19th September we hosted a press conference in Goma, DRC featuring myselfAkon, Jude Law, Lexxus Legal, Dety Darba, Sango'A and Ayden. 

Statement of Purpose

To learn more about the Peace One Day Campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Great Lakes region of Africa, please check out the campaign's Statement of Purpose document below.

Check out this short film about Howard G. Buffett's work in DRC and the wider Great Lakes region of Africa.


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Why is peace needed in DRC?

‘An estimated 5.4 million people have died as a consequence of the war and its lingering effects since 1998. In spite of the official end of the war in December 2002, approximately 500,000 Congolese have continued to die each year.’

International Rescue Committee


Conflict in the DRC has led to years of instability in both the country and wider Great Lakes region. The absence of peace has displaced families, increased the prevalance of diseases, and restricted young people's access to education. 

But peace is possible...

Time and time again, Peace Day has proved to be a catalyst for cooperation and peace-building and, as demonstrated in Afghanistan, can offer a window of opportunity for communities in need, enabling individuals and organisations to undertake life-saving activities on the day.

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To learn more about DRC and to keep up-to-date with the situation in DRC: 

Who We Are Working With

Organisations committed to take action on Peace Day in DRC and the Great Lakes region:



Peace One Day Coalition Members in DRC

NGO Coalition

'Reducing Domestic Violence' Coalition

Student Coalition

Schools' Network

Great Lakes region trip - May 2014

Jeremy and the Peace One Day team visited three countries in the Great Lakes region of Africa, starting in Rwanda for a UNCT meeting, Burundi for the Children's Forum of Hope and DRC for a series of presentations, including one with British Ambassador, Diane Corner. The trip was a great example of the enthusiasm for the project we are seeing across the region.

For more information please check out the latest storify board below.

DRC & Rwanda - April 2014

In April, Jeremy returned to the Great Lakes region of Africa. He first stopped in Kigali, Rwanda for a series of meetings, first with the Country Director of World Vision International to discuss how forgiveness and reconciliation is central to their work and the ongoing peace process, before meeting with representatives from UNHCR, UNICEF and UNDP.

Crossing the border into DRC, Jeremy met up with the Search for Common Ground team and filmed a number of their projects in Misisi province in North Kivu, which involved participatory theatre and community radio stations. Returning to Goma, Jeremy met with MONUSCO, UNDSS and Caritas, before being interviewed for a second time on DRC’s largest radio station, Radio Okapi.

Here is an interview Jeremy gave to Radio Okapi during the trip, talking about Peace One Day's work in DRC and the wider region.

Amani Festival - February 2014

Jeremy and the Peace One Day team returned to the DRC in a visit that included the capital Kinshasa and Goma. In Goma, Jeremy took part in the Amani Festival which included performances from Innoss'B and Lexxus Legal. This celebration of peace through music also showcased the work of organisations working for peace as part of the humanitarian village. It was great to see Search for Common Ground and UNICEF represented.

Later in the trip, Jeremy travelled to Kinshasa for a series of high-level meetings with UN OCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR, IRC and MONUSCO.

For more information please check out the latest storify board below.

Ethiopia - January 2014

Jeremy and the Peace One Day team flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet with the United Nations Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for the Great Lakes Region of Africa, Mary Robinson.

It was a remarkable discussion and Mary Robinson believes Peace Day can play a part in the wider peace process in which she is involved, both in DRC and the Great Lakes region. 

DRC - January 2014

Jeremy and the Peace One Day team joined UNICEF for a trip to DRC visiting both Kinshasa and Goma. During this trip, Jeremy met with a number of individuals and organisations from all sectors of society to learn from their work in the country, as well as to outline how they can manifest action on Peace Day, 21 September.

With UNICEF, the team also visited Muganga 1 Internally Dispaced Persons camp and The Centre of Transit and Orientation managed by UNICEF partner CAJED that runs a reintegration programme providing psycho-social support and professional training for former child-soldiers. These trips proved powerful and poignant reminders of the work being done to build peace after conflict, as well as giving young people an opportunity for a peaceful future.

Please scroll down for a series of galleries from the trip.

For a social media record of the trip please check out this storify board.

Muganga 1 IDP Camp, eastern DRC

In January 2014, Jeremy and the Peace One Day team visited Muganga 1 Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Eastern DRC with the UNICEF team. During this visit they spoke to young people, including former child soldiers.

Uniting people for Peace Day

Throughout Jeremy's trip, he has met organisations and individuals from every sector of society including school children, journalists, soldiers, UN peacekeepers, peace activists, NGO workers, forest rangers and many more, spreading the message of Peace Day and learning more about what people are doing to build peace in the country. 

He has also met with Search for Common Ground, UNICEF, MONUSCO, Radio Okapi, United Nations Department of Safety and Security, Kinshasa Youth Journalist Network, British Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Diane Corner and Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Wivine Mumba Matipa.

By uniting every sector of society we can work together and unite on Peace Day as never before. 

PeaceTalk 6

As part of the PeaceTalk project that sees classrooms around the world connecting via Skype with the message of Peace Day, in December 2013 Jeremy visited Collége Mwanga in Goma DRC to facilitate PeaceTalk 6.

This connected Collége Mwanga with Basisschool De Luchtballon in Tiernen, Belgium. What followed was a powerful demonstration of how young people are building lasting and sustainable peace. Young people from different continents learnt from one another and shared ideas about how we can unite on Peace Day.

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Collége Mwanga Film Screening

Prior to PeaceTalk 6, students at Collége Mwanga in Goma, DRC watched Jeremy's documentary The Day After Peace. Here are a few photos from the event.

Photo Gallery
Who Will You Make Peace With?

Here are some people from the DRC asking you all a question: Avec qui allez-vous faire la paix?