Pretoria, South Africa

Participants: Ahmed Kathrada - Founder of the Ahmed Kathrada FoundationEla Gandhi - former Member of Parliament, Republic of South Africa, Justice Yvonne Mokgoro - former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh - Co-Founder of InkuluFreeHeidFrederik T. de Ridder - Managing Director at InkuluFreeHeid.

More Information: To mark the 50th anniversary of the Rivonia trials that led to the incarceration of Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada, this was a town-hall style meeting on peace-building & reconciliation, which featured leaders from across society, who came together under the banner of 'Who will you make peace with?'

Here is a trailer for the Live Global Moment

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Chaired by: UNICEF

More Information: From Goma, representatives from UNICEF came together as part of the the 24-hour global broadcast on Peace Day to discuss how a day of peace can support their lifesaving activities, as well as the theme: Who will you make peace with?

The Hague, Netherlands (Corporate)

Chaired by: Jeremy Gilley - Founder of Peace One Day

Participants: Howard G. Buffett - Board of Directors, The Coca-Cola Companyand Founder of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Richard Reed - Co-Founder ofInnocent DrinksPeter Dahlström - Director, McKinsey & Company, Michael Mapes - President of Flexible Products & Services, GREIFTanguy de Ripainsel - General Manager to the Manager of Dior Netherlands.

More Information: Peace One Day’s journey to establish and institutionalise an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence – Peace Day, has had incredible support from the corporate sector from around the world. This Live Global Moment brought together key corporate supporters of Peace One Day to discuss what role the corporate sector has to play in the peace process and how Peace One Day can leverage this support to raise greater awareness of the day in the coming years.

The Hague, Netherlands - Domestic Violence

Chaired by: Jeremy Gilley - Founder of Peace One Day

Participants: Baroness Scotland QC - Founder and Patron of the Eliminate Domestic Violence Global Foundation, Monique Coleman - Peace One Day Education Ambassador & UN Youth Champion, Marja Ruotanen - Director of the Justice and Human Dignity Directorate, Council of EuropeLaura Bates - Founder of the Everyday Sexism ProjectDariusz Grzemny - Youth Worker,No Hate Speech MovementMadi Sharma - Social entrepreneur and founder of the Madi Group.

More Information: The Council of Europe and the No Hate Speech movement brought together a panel of experts, high-level representatives and young people to discuss key issues surrounding domestic violence, addressing the steps being taken to tackle these issues across Europe and further afield.

Tokyo, Japan

Chaired by: Hiroki Sugiura - Editor-in-Chief at Yokohama Keizai.

Participants: Tetra Tanizaki - writer for TV and Radio, Yukiko Kuroda - Founder of People Focus ConsultingKenji Sekine - Representative Director of United for Peace Film Festival.

More Information: This brought together civil society organisations, government representatives and individuals and organisations from other sectors to speak about the importance of peace in modern day Japanese society with Peace Day as its focus.

Israel / Palestine

Chaired by: Shani Perez Kariv - Actor, Director and the Director of Kids Creating Peace.

Participants: Achinoam Nini - Singer, Mira Awad - Singer, Art Production Fund, Young Leaders representing Kids Creating Peace

More Information: This panel fostered dialogue between participants representing both Palestine and Israel discussing how sustainable peace can be established through the bringing together of individuals and organisations on Peace Day around the theme: Who will you make peace with? The participants, who included musicians, young leaders and artists, explored what role education and in-person meetings has in the peace process, in times of fences and walls.


Chaired by: SPARK

More Information: 

'Peace is the most valuable thing for humanity'

According to the UN over 100,000 people have lost their lives in the conflict in Syria, while over 1.7 million people have been forced to seek shelter in neighbouring countries. On Peace Day, Peace One Day held a Live Global Moment from Syria bringing together individuals and organisations to discuss how an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence could play a part towards the cessation of hostilities across the country.

Medellín, Colombia

Chaired by: Jeihhco – Social leader, activist and founder of the Hip-Hop group ‘Revolucion Sin Muertos’ (Revolution without Dead).

Participants: Piedad Bonnett -Writer, novelist and poet, Andrea Echeverri - Musician & founder of ‘Aterciopelados’ (The Velvet Ones), César López - Musician and social activist. Creator of the ‘Escopetarra’ (a guitar constructed using a rifle, a symbol of reconciliation) and instigator of the initiative ‘Toda Bala es Perdida’ (Every Bullet is a Waste), Aníbal Gaviria - Mayor of Medellín, Vera Grave - Anthropologist, Founder of the now demobilised M-19 guerrilla movement and Director of the Observatorio para la PazSergio Ramírez - Nicaraguan writer and journalist. Ex vice-president and participant in the Sandinista revolution. Helped facilitate the transition to democracy in Nicaragua.

More Information: The city of Medellín brought together a diverse range of individuals and organisations to discuss key issues surrounding sustainable peace. This included key debates relating to the work to build a more peaceful future for the city of Medellín and how Peace Day can provide an opportunity for the city to come together to celebrate and work towards peace.

Melbourne, Australia

Chaired by: Nic Frances Gilley MBE - Social entrepreneur and Peace One Day Ambassador

Participants: Tania Major - Managing Director, Tania Major Consulting Pty LtdEllen Sandell - Environmental campaignerDr Nouria Salehi - Nuclear physicist and biophysicist.

More Information: Bringing together a diverse panel, this Live Global Moment united Australian society in the name of peace. Using Peace Day as a focus, the participants discussed keys issues surrounding the Peace One Day theme for 2013: Who Will You Make Peace With? and how different sectors of Australian society can raise awareness of this global day of ceasefire and non-violence.

Mexico City, Mexico

Participants: Sergio Kopeliovich - Director and founder of Journeys for Peace,Daniel Giménez Cacho - Actor, Javier Sicilia - Head of Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y DignidadErnestina Sodi - Writer.

More Information: Over the years incredible activity has taken place across Mexico in support of Peace Day. This Live Global Moment was part of Peace One Day’s campaign to mobilise further action in the country on Peace Day. Part of a wider cultural event that includes music, poetry and dance events, alongside high-level discussions it discussed issues surrounding the need for peace. Participants included actors, TV personalities and opinion leaders.

New York, USA - Faith

Chaired by: Dr. William Vendley - Secretary General of Religions for Peace

Participants: Kinjal Dave - Next Generation Seva Leader for Hindu American Seva Communities and Interfaith Youth Core Leader, Samantha Bloom - Young Leadership Committee Board of Directors for Seeds of Peace and Office of Corporate Engagement for a multinational bank, Frank Fredericks - Founder and Executive Director of World Faith and Co-founder of Religious Freedom USA,Khalid Latif - Executive Director of the Islamic Center at New York University and Chaplain for the New York City Police DepartmentDoyeon Park - Alternative Representative of Won Buddhism to the UN and Treasurer of the Committee of Religious NGOs to the UNSimran Jeet Singh - Senior Religion Fellow for the Sikh Coalition and Chair of the Interfaith Committee for the World Sikh Council.

More Information:With an estimated 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, a peaceful world is only possible when the world’s faiths come together in collaboration. This Live Global Moment brought together a panel of six dynamic and esteemed young leaders from different religious traditions, who are active in various sectors of society. The participants reflected on the role of spirituality in reconciliation and reconstruction, and explored how an annual day of peace can be utilized by a new generation of religious believers to build bridges.


Chaired by: Cid Blanco - Superintendent of Culture, Communication and Events, Olympic Public Authority (APO)

Participants: Virginia Garcez - President of Peace University in Salvador, - Joselito Crispim - Community Leader, João Paulo Santos Gomes - Director of "Filhos de Gandhy" (Gandhy's Sons), Claudio Abdala - Sub-secretary of Repair of the Salvador City Hall

More Information: Bringing together a diverse panel, this Live Global Moment united Brazilian society in the name of peace. Using Peace Day as a focus, the participants discussed keys issues surrounding the Peace One Day theme for 2013: Who Will You Make Peace With? and how different sectors of Brazilian society can raise awareness of this global day of ceasefire and non-violence.

Shanghai, China

Participants: Cookie Qian - Writer, author of Lonely Planet China, Zhu Zhen - Co-founder of GiftpiElvis Li - Business Director of BBH ChinaWynn Zhang - Senior Marketing Manager, Diageo ChinaLi Ji - Film Director, Vivian Chen - Artist, Ju Bai Yu - Writer / Columnist / Scriptwriter

More Information: This Live Global Moment brought together a diverse panel of individuals and organisations to discuss how the message of Peace Day can be spread across the country. As China is the most populous country in the world, a groundswell of support here could be an incredible boast to the campaign to institutionalise the day.

Baghdad, Iraq

Chaired by: UN in Iraq

Participants: Nawras Mohamed - Designer, blogger and poet, Dr. Hassan Abd Radi - Director of Iraqi radio station IMN, Dr Mouna Taleb Al Badry - Dean, Faculty of Sports Education for Girls, Mr. Abdul Raheem Yassir - political cartoonist

More Information: The UN in Iraq organised a unique Live Global Moment with a panel that included a range of governmental organisations, NGOs and UN representatives to discuss the issues surrounding sustainable peace and how Peace Day can be used to unite people across Iraq. The theme was Peace and Culture

To view the film outlining UNDP Iraq's support of Peace Day in the previous years, click below.

New York, USA

Chaired by: CISV

More Information: On Peace Day CISV brought together a group of young people for a lively discussion as to how young people can promote peace, foster intercultural cooperation and be part of the peace building process in their community. Over the years CISV have mobilized their international chapters to mark Peace Day through music, dance and football and this Live Global Moment united individuals and organisations to talk about how we can further raise awareness in the coming years.


Here are examples of CISV's support in the previous years

San Salvador, El Salvador

Chaired by: Isabel Aguilar Umaña - Interpeace

Participants: Raúl Mijango - Facilitator of the gang truce in El Salvador,Monsignor Fabio Colindres - Facilitator of the gang truce in El Salvador,Salvador Ruano - Mayor of Ilopango, Antonio Cabrales - President of the Humanitarian Foundation (Fundación Humanitaria).

More Information: This Live Global Moment focused on the work undertaken by the government, civil society organisations and gang members that brought about a truce between two rival gangs, Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) and Barrio 18 in 2012. The panel was made up of individuals from a range of backgrounds to discuss how this truce can help build peace in the wider community on Peace Day, 21 September.

To find out more about the truce please click here

Moscow, Russia

Chaired by: Katerina Gordeeva - TV Presenter

Participants:Sergei Zheleznyak - Vice Speaker of Duma, Russian Government,Tatiana Lazareva - TV Personality, Irina Yasina - Publicist & economistElizaveta Glinka aka Doctor Liza - Head of charitable foundation, Spravedlivaya Pomosh,Dmitry Muratov - Editor-in-Chief of the Novaya GazetaChulpan Khamatova - Actress, Dr Leonid Roshal - Paediatrician

More Information: Following incredible activation across Russia in 2013 in support of Peace Day, Peace One Day brought together government officials, key members of the media and art organisations to discuss how the message of Peace Day can be spread further across Russia. This built on the successes Peace One Day has already seen across the country.

Here are a series of statements of support from Russia


More Information: Peace Day agreements by all parties to conflict in Afghanistan since 2007 have resulted in the immunisation against polio of 4.5 million children in areas hitherto unreachable or hard to reach due to conflict.

For Peace Day 2013, Peace One Day hosted a Live Global Moment from Afghanistan to examine how Peace Day can continue to build peace across the country. This moment focused on how young people can work together for a more peaceful future, instilling a culture of peace and cooperation that will act as a solid foundation for lasting peace in the country.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Chaired by: Balemba Balagizi - Virunga Park Ranger & Communications Officer

Participants: Ephrem Balole - Head of Development of the Virunga National Park, André Bauma - Head of Gorilla Sanctuary and Wildlife Protection, Valérie Katungu Kawa - Widow of a ranger who was shot in July this year by poachers making illegal charcoal, Justine Byandagara - Prominent community member.

More Information:This Live Global Moment came out of Virunga National Park in the Kivu province and bought together a wide range of individuals and organisations to talk about how Peace Day can offer an opportunity to build peace across the country around the theme ‘Who Will You Make Peace With?’

A Conversation with Mokhtar Lamani

More Information:In this special Live Global Moment, Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, connected to Mokhtar Lamani, the head of the Office of the UN-League of Arab States Joint Representative for Syria in Damascus via Skype to discuss the key issues surrounding the possibility of peace in Syria