If rugby is a part of your life and you are passionate about inspiring peace within your community, then all you have to do is organise a Try for Peace match, or even turn it into a tournament!!

Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

We’ve also put together a toolkit of templates for you to use to help plan and promote your event and to congratulate your participants at the event. If you’d like us to customise a banner with your logo or write a letter of support for your event then we will do our best to help so please just drop us a line here.

There have been countless examples of rugby bridging differences and bringing people together. In 1995 Nelson Mandela donned a Springbok jersey with the captain's number for the Rugby World Cup Final uniting a divided nation behind one team. In 2013, the Under 19 Asian Rugby Championship hosted a game between India and Pakistan, a game where all divisions and tensions disappeared for 80 minutes.

So whether you are an individual, school, club or union be inspired by rugby to create peace in your community on Peace Day, and don’t forget to tell us about it here.


And for an exclusive interview click on the play button to the right to hear more from Maggie Alphonsi about how rugby can bring people together for Peace Day and the role of the sport in her own life.


Since the launch of this initiative, thousands of people played all different forms of rugby in countries across the globe. Please check out our highlights below to see how some of our partners used rugby to celebrate Peace Day.


The Whales Rugby Academy organised a massive 21 Days of Peace in September with tag rugby activities from training to matches culminating in travelling to Rwanda for some Try For Peace matches and to attend the Peace One Day Youth Celebration at the Petit Stade Amahoro.


Having met in June at the Countdown to Peace Day Forum, Shamas Rugby & Music Planet Centre joined forces to organise an amazing rugby and music festival in Nairobi, celebrating the power of sport & culture to bring people together on Peace Day.


A wonderful rugby tournament to celebrate peace and demonstrating the growth of the sport Rwanda took place two days prior to Peace Day, which was masterminded by the organisation Friends of Rwandan Rugby.