The DRC at a glance
Population in 2011 (estimated, 000) -  67,758
Area - 2,344,858 sq km
Life expectancy at birth (female & males, years) - 50.6 / 47.3
Gross Domestic Product (US$)* - 17.27 Billion
Human Development Index Rank** - 186 (out of 186)

Source: UN Data, *World Bank & **UNDP

Peace One Day Coalition Members in the DRC

Peace One Day coordinates a range of coalitions to unite action on Peace Day and bring organisations together. So far thousands of organisations around the world have joined one of the coalitions including NGOs, schools, organisations dedicated to tackling domestic violence, faith groups and communities and student bodies.

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Key Information

‘An estimated 5.4 million people have died as a consequence of the war and its lingering effects since 1998. In spite of the official end of the war in December 2002, approximately 500,000 Congolese have continued to die each year.’


International Rescue Committee

For more information about DRC's history please check out BBC's country profile.


'Approximately 1.69 to 1.8 million women reported having been raped in their lifetime and approximately 3 to 3.3 million reported experiencing intimate partner sexual violence.'


Source: ‘Estimates and Determinants of Sexual Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo’ via the US National Library of Medicine


'Over 5,000 people were raped in South Kivu in 2009, according to the UN.'


Source: Oxfam International


Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs): 2,607,407


More than 16,000 Congolese crossed into Uganda by the end of October 2013 fleeing fighting in eastern DRC.


Source: UNHCR

Click below for UNHCR's DRC February 2014 Factsheet:

Education Date Measurement
Primary-secondary gross enrolment ratio (f/m per 100)* 2006-2012 60.2 / 76.7
Female third-level students (% of total)* 2006-2012 23.6
Proportion of students (aged 5-17) who are Out of School Children (% of total)** 2012 28.9
Gender breakdown of Out of School Children aged 5-17 (f/m %)** 2012 52.7 / 47.3 
Literacy Rate (f/m %)*** -- 52 / 80

Sources: *UN Data, **UNICEF & ***UNESCO

2011 DRC Regional Average Global Average

Life Expectancy at Birth (yrs) - both sexes

49 56 70
Life Expectancy at 60 years old - both sexes 15 16 20
Under-5 Mortality (per 1000 live births) - both sexes 168 107 51
Adult Mortality (probability of dying between 15 - 60 years old per 1000) Male 411 362 190
Female 358 317 129
Maternal Mortality Rate (per 100,000 live births) 540 480 210

Sources: World Health Organization - DRC Country Profile

The Great Lakes Region

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