Working Together We Can Create Peace One Day

Institutionalising Peace Day and making it self-sustaining is everyone’s legacy. That is why we have created and lead a range of global coalitions cutting across different sectors of society. By bringing together organisations committed to action on Peace Day, we can engage more people around the world.

Scroll down to learn more and sign up to these unique and growing coalitions, fostering collaboration and unity on Peace Day 21 September

Corporate Coalition

Lead Partner: Unilever

Corporations have the potential to reach millions around the world with the message of Peace Day. Find out which organisations have joined and how they have mobilised their employees and consumer base for Peace Day.

Student Coalition

The student coalition aims to bring together students, universities and student bodies to spread the message of Peace Day to campuses and students the world over. Young people are the peacemakers of the future and click below to find out how you can get your university involved.

‘Reducing Domestic Abuse’ Coalition

Lead Partner: EDV Global Foundation

Peace Day is a day of ceasefire and non-violence focusing on the violence that takes place in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities. Click below to see how you can be part of the global movement making domestic abuse a thing of the past on Peace Day.


Lead Partner: Religions for Peace

Peace One Day's work with faith communities enables religious NGOs, faith and interfaith groups, representative bodies, youth and grassroots faith leaders, places of worship, and spiritual and religious practitioners of all faiths, belief-systems and denominations around the world to unite on Peace Day 21 September.