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Coke Studio Africa

Peace One Day has enjoyed a strong partnership with Coca-Cola worldwide for more than a decade.

For Peace Day 2015, Coca-Cola and Peace One Day released a special commemorative bottle with the POD logo and message ‘Who will you make peace with?’, sold across the Great Lakes region throughout the month of September.

This was coupled with an outdoor and digital media campaign across Rwanda, Burundi and the eastern DRC calling on people across the world to upload photos of them making a peace sign with the #PeaceDay hashtag on 21 September.

Coke Studio Africa created a Peace Day Anthem, bringing artists from across the African continent together for peace and unity and premiered the song at the Peace One Day Youth Celebration in Kigali, Rwanda.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Peace One Day to spread the message of Peace Day in the world and most especially in Africa.” - Ahmed Shah, Senior Franchise Marketing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company.

Burger King

Burger King Corporation, one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, joined as a Gold Corporate Coalition partner in 2015.

Inspired by Peace One Day’s powerful rallying call ‘Who will you make peace with?’, Burger King decided to lead by example and proposed a one day collaboration with four rivals to raise awareness for Peace Day, 21 September.

The ‘Peace Day Burger’ campaign ran in partnership with Peace One Day and generated huge awareness for both brands, becoming one of the most talked about campaigns in 2015:

  • Over 4.5 billion impressions in the U.S and over 2.5 billion outside, equivalent to a $100 million marketing spend in the U.S. alone.
  • One in three Americans had heard of the campaign and are now five times more likely to be aware of Peace Day as a result.
  • Brand metrics for Burger King amongst their target 18-34 demographic jumped with purchase consideration doubling and purchase intent tripling.

“We are really proud to be part of the Peace One Day Corporate Coalition and to see that awareness of Peace Day in the US is almost five times higher among those who saw this campaign.” - Fernando Machado, Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Burger King Corporation.

Lotus F1 Art Car

In September 2015, Peace One Day teamed up with long-term partners, Lotus F1 Team, Bonhams Auctioneers, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and internationally renowned pop artist, Romero Britto to create the ultimate ‘Vision for Peace’ to raise awareness for Peace Day 21 September. A Lotus E20 F1 racing car was generously donated by Lotus F1 Team, which was used as a canvas by the Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto to create a unique ‘Art Car’. At an event held at the MAD Museum of Art & Design in Singapore, the Art Car was auctioned by Bonhams co-chairman Malcolm Barber with the proceeds going to support Peace One Day’s work.

The event was attended by Lotus F1 Team drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado, as well as local and international media. The event proved a fantastic success in raising substantial funds to support the work of Peace One Day, as well as raising awareness of Peace Day in the region.

Axe / Unilever: Make Love Not War - 2014

Axe/Lynx inspired more than 425,000 people around the world to promote peace and take simple but meaningful actions to improve their communities. 

These actions include raising money, donating time to good causes or being more positive towards those around them. 

Since the campaign launched in January 2014, people in 16 countries have helped Axe raise more than $320,000 for Peace One Day among others, as well as spreading the message of peace and love to over 400 million people. That equates to 20 times the size of all the world’s armies put together.

Click to the right to see the Axe Peace Commercial that ran at halftime for the 2014 Superbowl

Greif: Water Backpack Delivery – 2014

In 2014 Peace One Day Corporate Coalition member Greif kindly donated 13,000 backpacks to Peace One Day to be distributed across the Great Lakes region of Africa. 

The water backpacks, designed by Greif’s subsidiary brand Pack H20, are a life-changing alternative to buckets and jerry cans designed to ease the burden of carrying water for women and children. The packs relieve physical stress by distributing weight evenly on the wearers’ back. The backpacks have removable liners that, after use, are easily sanitized with exposure to sunlight. 

These backpacks act as an effective means of preventing the spread of water borne illnesses.  

In Goma and Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with the help of NGO partners Caritas and Asili, 5,000 backpacks were distributed as part of Peace Day activities in the region.

In Ishiara and Marsabit, Kenya, with the help of sanitation partners Partners for Care, 7,000 backpacks were distributed on and around Peace Day.

Ocado: Give Peas a Chance - 2014

In September 2014, online grocery retailer Ocado ran a campaign whereby a percentage of sales from their frozen peas were donated to Peace One Day.

Give Peas a Chance’ yielded an impressive engagement rate of more than 5% through all social media channels. 

Lush: Peace Bombs Campaign - 2013

In honour of Peace Day in September 2013, Cosmetics retailer LUSH ran a campaign where they developed a new product line entitled ‘Ballistic Peace Bath Bombs’.

These products were sold throughout LUSH stores worldwide and achieved sales of 18,000 throughout September, with the proceeds being donated to Peace One Day. 

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