From matches uniting the police and residents of a favela in Brazil, to football clinics for evacuated children in the Philippines, One Day One Goal clearly illustrates the power of football to unite people, give hope and strengthen peace-building efforts whilst raising awareness of Peace Day, 21 September.

So whether you are an individual, school, club or federation be inspired by football to create peace in your community on Peace Day, and don’t forget to tell us about it here.


The organisation Coaches Across Continents, the global leaders in sport for social impact, have partnered with Peace One Day over several years and developed a series of games that integrate conflict resolution skills into regular football training in support of the One Day One Goal initiative.  From teamwork to understanding types of violence for all age groups, these resources have proved valuable to many organisations to date. To download the latest resources free of charge, you can click on the links below, and use football to help create a more peaceful society: 


If football is a part of your life and you are passionate about inspiring peace within your community, then all you have to do is organise a One Day One Goal match, or event turn it into a tournament!

Here’s a simple guide to help you get started: 

We’ve also put together a toolkit of templates for you to use to help plan and promote your event and to congratulate your participants at the event. If you’d like us to customise a banner with your logo or write a letter of support for your event then we will do our best to help so please just drop us a line here.


Here is a small snapshot of some of the football matches and tournaments that have taken place across the globe. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2015 – The Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) officers and residents came together to play on the same teams in the name of peace and reconciliation at the Olympic Village of Sampaio. A women’s game started the event and it was followed by a men’s game with teams from Santa Marta and Complexo da Penha, two different communities in Rio. The event will be a warm up for the larger UPP Cup, a soccer tournament of 86 matches launched on 1st October that will be promoted for residents of all pacified and Military Police communities.

2014 – Peace Day was celebrated in the favelas of the nation’s capital, communities inspired by the recent FIFA Football World Cup 2014. The matches took place in Inferno Verde (Green Hell), the pitch was on the Itararé road, known as the Gaza Strip, a location which was feared but for one day became a sports venue where the local communities came together to celebrate Peace Day. It gave the local youth the memorable opportunity to showcase their footballing talents.

2013 – Police officers from the Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) and residents of the community in Morro da Mangueira, 'clashed' on Peace Day. To many, this is a familiar headline commonly found in the local newspapers, however this time the dispute was different as they took it to the football pitch in a celebration of Peace Day. So who won the match? Everyone. Because by playing side by side, the residents and UPP officers of Rio have shown that they can unite to create peace in their community.

Organised by by NBS Rio+Rio

Kinshasa, DRC

The DRC Government organised 8 matches over 4 days with 8 community teams in order to unite the youth through football in very troubled areas near Kinshasa.


Africa Youth Ministries played football matches in Northern Ugandan Refugee Camps reaching out to the South Sudanese Refugee Children and uniting them with young Ugandans, under the premise of giving the children sports equipment to play with and not guns.


The Association Internationale Femmes et Population (AIFP) launched their program of ‘Rehabilitation for 5000 Children in Education with Football’ in partnership with the government and local institutions of Cameroon on Peace Day with a One Day One Goal event including 34 football matches.

The Philippines

2015 – A two-day One Day One Goal football festival took place in Bongao for the Football For Peace Programme involving a professional team (Meracalo Sparks) and their coach. On the first day, the Sparks taught the football basics to 40 marines, sailors and airmen, and the following day the Sparks interacted with 300 children from different schools in the area. Each team had a mentor and there were many games played with all the new skills that had been learnt.

2014 – 170 One Day One Goal football matches were held in the city of Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao showing the progression from 2013.  The PMC also activated in Manila & Tawi-Tawi to great effect, bringing together communities in peace.

2013 – On October 4, there was a One Day One Goal football clinic in the war-torn Zamboanga. The event occurred after postponement from the original plans for Peace Day due to unrest in the city. This event offered a safe environment for young people affected by the conflict to unite to play football and remember how it feels to be young.

Organised by Philippines Marine Corps


Football for Hope, Peace and Unity (FHPU) held AMAHORO One Day One Goal activities in ten locations throughout Rwanda as well as matches in London, UK to celebrate Peace Day 2014 and promote friendship between youth across the country.  More than 1500 participants, aged 7-35, came together across three provinces, including for the first time, a Congolese team from Goma (Rusizi district), to play in matches designed to encourage cross-border peace-building.

Uvira, DRC

Centre des Jeunes pour la Paix organised a day of activities and football for Peace Day 2014. Their matches brought together young people from across the community previously divided by conflict. They used their One Day One Goal event to utilise the Coaches Across Continents (CAC) lesson plans concerning communication, conflict resolution and gender equality.  They encouraged mixed gender football teams to challenge gender stereotypes and open routes of discourse concerning gender roles amongst the youth.

Monrovia, Liberia

Football to Develop Destitute (FODEDE) used their One Day One Goal event to raise awareness not only of Peace Day but also of the Ebola Virus. Their Peace Day 2014 program entitled “Kicking Ebola out of Liberia” included a parade through the local community, football games and a game of Kickball, a traditional football-based game played by females in Liberia.


CISV Ecuador marked Peace Day in an incredible tournament that brought young people together through football on Peace Day 2013.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Thousands of spectators came together to be a part of this One Day One Goal tournament held in the national stadium to celebrate Peace Day, inspiring hope and unity in a country still reeling from the devastation of the earthquake in January 2010.

Organised by Haiti Youth Development Education (H.Y.D.E.)

Pyongyang, North Korea

In 2010, Middlesbrough FC Ladies traveled to North Korea to play 2 matches against local teams, in support of One Day One Goal. The event was an amazing experience for all involved, promoting intercultural cooperation, and in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of UK and DRPK diplomatic relations.

Organised by Koryo Tours:

Khanaqin, Iraq

The Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga – two forces that normally fight against one another came together in 2008 to play a friendly match to celebrate One Day One Goal. Mercy Corps worked closely with Peace One Day to bring these two sides together to celebrate peace through football.

Organised by Mercy Corps