Simple Things Can Build Peace on 21 September - Peace Day

Our lives are made up of day to day experiences and interactions, so every day we have the chance to make someone else’s life better. To build a more peaceful and sustainable world, we need to build peace in our everyday lives.

No matter how small, everyday acts of kindness can help make peace a reality; whether it is standing up for somebody in trouble, saying sorry, reconnecting with an old friend, or helping someone you see who’s in need of assistance. Of course, random acts of kindness should take place all year round, but we would like to invite you to join with others around the world to give this wonderful idea special focus on Peace Day 21 September.

Wherever you are, at home, school, or work, you can help improve the quality of the lives of the people around you, including your family, colleagues, teachers, classmates or friends.

Sometimes the simplest things can have the most immediate and meaningful impact on the lives of everyone around you. So whatever you enjoy doing, whatever brings you, your friends, family and community together, do it on Peace Day. 

Here is the Pocket Book of Peace and a selection of flyers to help you promote your Peace Day event on 21 September.