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To mark #PeaceDay 2015, long time Peace One Day supporters Basement Jaxx held a special #PeaceDay concert at KOKO London.

The night was an incredible success with a smorgasbord of light, dance, music and culture as the inveterate musical explorers from London wooed the crowd with music genius time and time again. Featuring performances from; Simon Amstell, Lani Rocillo, The Fabulus of Unicorns, The 2 Malinga’s, Blue Lions, LCV (London Contemporary Voices), Pandemonium Drummers, The London Ballet Company, Andrea Terrano, Robert Mitchell, Noreum Machi, Viz, Linda Lewis and the entire Basement Jaxx LIVE family...Vula Malinga, Sharlene Hector, Kele Le Roc, Shakka, Emma Lee & Baby Chay (The Seoul Sisters), Nathan ‘The Tug’ Curran, Oli Savill, Ben Edwards, Mickey Ball, Rhonda Humphrey and Sophie Wright.

The concert was a fantastic way to raise awareness of Peace Day, 21 September and Peace One Day cannot thank Felix Buxton, Simon Ratcliffe and the entire Basement Jaxx family enough for their ongoing and incredible support. Watch part one of the Basement Jaxx #PeaceDay Concert 2015 below:

Basement Jaxx are on top of the world. It’s a view these inveterate musical explorers have long embraced, ever since minting, at the turn of the millennium, the currently voguish, airwave-dominating pop-house sound. But as they prepare to release their earth-shaking, hip-shaking new album, that view is taking on added meaning.

From Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton’s new studio in north London – in a business-y space that’s now the biggest music hub in the city – they can see the transformation of Kings Cross down below. They can hear it too: the clank and whirr of hard-hatted workers toiling to transform these acres of onetime railway yards into a new travel hub, new town-within-a-city, new gateway to Europe. Right now, there’s no place they’d rather be and, unlike their last studio, near Brixton, this one has windows. Let there be light, and tunes that hark back to the jump-around, era-defining likes of Where’s Your Head At, Red Alert and Romeo.

Junto is the duo’s seventh studio album. Two years in the making, it’s the first since they set out on their own after the completion of their decade-plus contract with XL. Now they’re working with Coop/PIAS to release via their own long-running imprint Atlantic Jaxx. 

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