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What is Axe Peace?

As the world’s number 1 men’s fragrance, Axe has the means and responsibility to empower and educate its millions of fans on ways they can contribute to resolving world issues. We’re excited to be working in partnership with them on the Axe Peace campaign, encouraging guys and girls around the world to make love not war in the run up to Peace Day on 21 September.

What can you do?

Alongside a global advertising campaign, AXE Peace is creating a platform for young people to come together to positively influence their communities. The campaign, which will run in over 50 countries throughout 2014, will empower them to improve the world they live in through simple, yet powerful, acts of love and peace.

This could be anything from raising money, donating time to good causes or being more positive towards the people around them.

To find out how you can connect and join this campaign from wherever you are around the world, please check out the following links:

Play the Film

Corporate Activation for Peace Day

It is incredible that through Axe, Unilever is activating its consumer base in such an interactive and engaging way. 

To learn more about how corporations are taking action for Peace Day please visit the Peace One Day Corporate Coalition page.