Relive the celebration

Livestreamed on RBA (Rwanda Broadcasting Agency), here is the recording of the Peace One Day Youth Celebration from Petit Stade Amahoro, including performances from Knowless, Innoss'B, Urban Boys, Krest Crew, Jabba Juniors, African Children's Choir as well as the premiere performance of One, the Peace Day Anthem by Coke Studio Africa.

One, the Peace Day Anthem

ONE’ is the Peace Day anthem, bringing artists from across the African continent together for peace and unity. Produced by Coke Studio in Nairobi it features Zwai Bala (South Africa), Ice Prince (Nigeria), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), Maurice Kirya (Uganda), Alikiba (Tanzania) and Wangechi (Kenya). It can be DOWNLOADED below. This anthem is supporting Peace One Day to raise awareness of Peace Day, 21 September in the Great Lakes region of Africa and across the world. We are grateful to the Howard G. Buffett Foundation for making this possible.

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On Peace Day, Peace One Day brought together thousands of young people from Rwanda and across the Great Lakes region of Africa to inspire them to take part in and become the driving force behind the vision of a united and sustainable world, using Peace Day as a catalyst for action.

Joining us on the day were the African Childrens Choir, Knowless, Innoss'B, Urban Boys, KREST CREW, Jabba Junior, as well as artists who contributed to One, the #‎PeaceDay Anthem by Coke Studio Africa: Zwai Bala, Maurice Kirya, Ice Prince, Alikiba, Wangechi and Dama do Bling. 

By taking part the young people received a Peace Education Pack containing a headband, wristband and a peace education poster to take back to their homes, schools and communities to continue spreading the message of Peace Day. This was made possible by the generous support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Here are a few photos from the day (photos by Vianney Le Caer)